this is the first 5 issues from a comic i have been working on for the past 6 and a half years. currently i’m on issue 10! anyway, if you asked me where you can preorder the book, the answer is to follow.

thanks very much! see you all at spx !


RAV 1ST COLLECTION by Mickey Zacchilli is now available for PRE-ORDER from Youth in Decline!!

We’ll have a small batch of books to debut at Small Press Expo on September 13-14, and then shipping books in late September to customers and retailers! Pre-orders come with stickers as thanks!

RAV 1ST COLLECTION is an action-adventure romance drone comic that has been likened to such epic works as Alice in Wonderland and Ulysses. Follow Juice, Sally, The Snake Prince, a mystery cat, and other bizarre friends as they navigate an esoteric whirlwind of dorks, punks, passive-aggression, kisses, weird basements, and bad breakfast spots.

This boisterous and chunky paperback collects the first five issues of Mickey Zacchilli’s enigmatic and hilarious series, as well as drawings & ephemera from friends like Sophia Foster-Dimino and Brian Chippendale.

[Check out a 20-page excerpt of the book here!]

276 pages, paperback, 8” x 5”, brown ink on yellow pages! $20 + shipping.

great, classic sesame st vid. can anyone tell me why weird old factories are so frequently painted this weird blue color? i’ve been in lots of old industrial rooms this exact color. top theory is that it’s a mix of military surplus paint. anyone?



The Metropolitan Museum of Art

to me, this is a perfect use of tumblr- take a deep catalog that’s already pretty tight, then pull at random regularly. unfortunately i must be alone in this because tons of the posts from this blog are OMF (Only My Fav). oh well!

special thanks to these books for the last couple days- big stack of zines from Jane / KSRRKPIRG, the new Happiness Pony that’s all about Jonah, The Cruising Diaries by Brontez Purnell, Fantômas: The Corpse Who Kills, by Pierre Souvestre & Marcel Allain (who alternated chapters so they could write faster! incredible…), and The Illiad, by Homer, translated by Robert Fitzgerald. sorry for the crummy pic, i can’t find my camera. did i loan someone out there my camera? and while i’m asking, does anyone out there have my copy of Cat-Eyed Boy vol 2?


St Louis has also just been confirmed:

T 11/25: ST. LOUIS, MO, Enamel Gallery* - 7 PM

Still working on Los Angeles!

john p’s coming to town! root hog or die!

MN contributor Tom Bubul has some new writing up online. first is his excellent piece from Pleasure 2014- Several Thoughts About Art. Next is the first in what appears to be an ongoing set of writings / updates on his website, in which he discusses more personally his artistic practice and what he’s been up to. always a joy. check it out- Studio Chair.

incredible “classic drugspot” graffitti from the abandoned superconducting supercollider in texas. screenshots from the recent documentary Particle Fever


Eric Dolphy - Le Chat Qui Pêche, Paris, France, June 11, 1964

Keeping things spiritual today — here’s a great tape via Infinite Fool, recorded, amazingly, just a few weeks before Dolphy passed away. The dude sounds about as alive as any one of us will ever be here. And here’s a great Dolphy anecdote, via Bobby Hutcherson:

I’m rehearsing with Eric at his loft — myself, Tony Williams, Richard Davis and a trumpet player named Eddie Armour. We were rehearsing for about an hour and a half. It was a cold winter day. All of a sudden, right in the middle of the tune, the trumpet player, Eddie, starts cussing and packing up his horn. We get to the end of the tune and Eddie says to Eric, “You’re nasty.” And Eric was real sweet, just like Trane was — you know, a real sweet cat. Eric said, “What?” Eddie says, “I don’t like you, I don’t like your music, and I’m not going to play this gig. I’m out of here. F you. F this band. That’s it. How do you like that?”

We’re all standing there thinking, “My God, how can this cat say this?” And he continues to put his horn away, clip the fasteners on his trumpet case. He grabs his coat, pulls his hat down and goes stomping to the door. He gets to the door — I mean, just yanks it open. The door hits the wall. Bam! He’s just about to go out the door.

Eric had just been sitting there with his head down. We’re all thinking, “Eric must feel horrible. What’s he going to do?” All of a sudden, Eric says, “Hey, Eddie.” Eddie turns around and says [in growling voice] “What?” Eric, with the most conviction and love, says, “If I can ever do anything you need, please don’t hesitate to call me. I’ll be there for you anytime.”

Whoa! And Eric was serious. With that, this cat really got upset — he slammed the door and stormed out. We just stood there all quiet. It was like he Sunday punched him with love. The lesson was, “Love conquers all,” you know? It’s like the devil couldn’t take that love, and this is what Eric was showing him. He went out that door with so much hate, but with a message that Eric still cared about him. This was one of the biggest lessons Eric showed me — that if you can forgive somebody right when they do the most horrible thing they can to you, you just immediately take the weight of what they did off your back and just make it this beautiful experience, so that you can go on and do the things you want to do during the day and not waste time with negative feelings and negative thoughts.

Well, we sat there quiet for two or three minutes — didn’t say anything. Then we went on with rehearsal and we never played so hard in our lives. We were just overcome.

i love eric dolphy!!!! some of the download links for this don’t work anymore, the one that works is here

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mothersnewsofficial fanart made at ripexpo


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grappling tights



i had such a nice time at the RIPE expo this weekend! it was great to meet so many cool people- from inspiring artists to people that subscribe to mothers news to people that just pick it up on the street and like it and came out to say hi!! thank you to everyone that came out to say hi and BIIIIIIIG thanks to the organizers for doing such a great job and to the library for hosting!!!! i hope this keeps going, and i hope next time everyone hangs out for a week and we all go to the beach!!!!

also SORRY to everyone i DIDN’T get to talk to!!! i wanted to be at my table talking to people but i also wanted to run around to everyone else’s tables and talk to them!!!! so i missed out on a lot of great stuff and i missed talking to a lot of cool people :( NEXT TIME!!!!! :)

gonna be tabling as a special guest at RIPE expo this weekend. don’t forget to talk to the artists you like. maybe it feels weird like you think they don’t want to hear from you, but that’s not true- it isn’t weird and they do want to hear from you.


2nd fanart has arrived!!!!!!! all the way from LIZZIE in PROVIDENCE

juice is drinking coffee from the two best mugs in the world! (cc mothersnewsofficial). although the cool dog mug is more naughty than in actual real life.



spideretc hello i am ready to win

sincerely lizzie

classic mug dilemma, happens here every day

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Jacob Khepler of Mothers News is a Special Guest at RIPExpo 2014!

Jacob Khepler is the spokesperson for the award-winning monthly newsprint publication Mothers News. He lives in Providence RI.

Mothers News: The Paper of Record.

Mothers News is a monthly newspaper that is fun and interesting, with good writing, for a general but open-minded audience. There’s a comics section featuring exclusive comics from regular contributors CF, Mickey Zacchilli, Brian Chippendale, Michael DeForge, Katrina Clark, Charlotte deSedouy, and Mike Taylor. Top talent!!! We print 5000 copies of each issue, and distribute them free in the streets in Providence and at select spots across the country. It’s supported by small advertisers and readers.

RIPExpo is August 2 & 3 in Providence, RI!

don’t forget to come to this event and say hi!


RAV 10
8 bux + s&h

BUY IT HERE: http://pricetapes.storenvy.com/collections/236190-all-products/products/8716881-rav-10

or at RIPexpo!

126 pages, classic black on white risograph printed interior with 3 color riso cover 


in this issue:

sally trudges through a snowy tundra and is later very verbal, the snake prince and august find a mysterious and as of yet unresolved surprise in the tunnel, main marian missteps, juice does something terrible, mothball throws some punches, and ben plays the world.


BONUSs: FANART CONTEST … 3 best fanarts get a free copy of RAV 10, mailed to them anywhere in the world. SECRET HINT: nobody is going to participate in this contest, so if you participate, you will probably win. complete said fanart by AUG 2ND and tag spideretc so i can see it

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