Therefore, it is summer!

i’m not sorry for reblogging all these marlyses!!!!!!!!!! marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlys

i guess this is the day’s motif. bottom pick by chimpendale



By Anya Davidson

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:( Ramnones

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it’s July 16th, happy World Snake Day everyone!


More exciting news from Youth in Decline HQ!

We also this week received proofs from our printer for "RAV 1ST COLLECTION" by Mickey ZacchilliThis is a massive 276 tome, collecting the first 5 issues of RAV.

"RAV is an action-adventure romance drone comic that has been likened to such epic works as Alice In Wonderland and Ulysses. 

Follow Juice, Sally, The Snake Prince, a mystery cat and other bizarre friends as they navigate an esoteric whirlwind of dorks, punks, passive-aggression, kisses, weird basements, and bad breakfast spots.”

The book debuts at Small Press Expo on September 13 in Bethesda, MD. It will be hitting shops and be available online through Youth in Decline soon after!

hell yea

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Anonymous asked: why do you draw random lines across the layout of the paper?

lots of reasons but mainly: to ruin it. to make it imperfect so i don’t have to worry about if it’s perfect.

july 16th is world snake day. this excerpt is from the july 2011 issue of Mothers News, so sunrise times will not be accurate for 2014. this entire issue was mental- read it online at or find it in a stack in the bathroom at your friend’s house


Maho and Miho

i found the batman


Mother Hubbard, the wicked witch superheroine, was either super-cheesy or super-metal.

—”Mother Hubbard” in Scoop Comics #1 (1942) by Bill Madden

hell yea

no mail for a couple days, then i get the new Love Wins AND the new Ray Johnson “Paper Snake” reprint on the same day!!!!!

today is tanabata! make a wish everyone! tite riff on tanbata from last july’s mothers news

flyer from the junk shop i used to run in worcester- i still can’t believe how many devillock haircuts we gave people at this event. also i can’t believe that this was 7 years ago…


THANK YOU!!!! to the MN reader who sent in this “Sunshine Infernal Arch Of The Hell” (top picture). we’re sending you this homemade version (bottom picture).

new m.u.s.c.l.e. men offer for internet lookers: send 5 m.u.s.c.l.e. men, get a drawing of one of them back. send at least 15, get a sculpey dude back. this is for any character or set of characters, US versions preferred. mothers news c/o rhododendron festival po box 29081 providence ri 02909.

i’m de-expiring this weird offer. it is once again in play. for reasons i can’t really explain, i’m more looking for the american plastic dudes, not the more rubbery japanese dudes. i can’t buy them on ebay because of a promise i made to myself. new expiration date for this offer is october 1 2014.

no issue this month (july 2014), next one will be august. then 5 more issues after that, then… ? true believers hang tite

picture of john cage wearing a t-shirt with his own face on it and trying not to smile, posted here for motivational reasons, or “just because”. we write about john cage a lot in the newspaper, because he’s great and he’s funny and we love him.